Our Story

Who we are

We are a DC-based company that builds nearshore teams of software engineers from Ukraine and Argentina. We keep our standards high, and our remote developers are 100% comparable to the best local talent. Our dedicated teams specialize in UI and full-stack web development, as well as the creation of mobile apps and enterprise software.

People always want more

The demand for our services spilled outside our core products and we started cooperating with companies that wanted to turn their ideas into products. We’ve added UX, digital design, development and testing services building on our expertise in lean development and commitment to agile methodologies. Growing at over 50% per year we never take our eyes off the original mission – putting together teams of highly motivated experts to develop awesome software that people love.

Our Leadership


VP of global delivery

Development manager, scrum master, and technical architect, Alex Gorlatov has over 15 years of experience building and leading software development teams. Alex uses his vast expertise in the delivery of business-critical technical solutions to help our clients optimize their production workflows. As part of the company’s leadership team, he coordinates the work of our US-based, Argentinian and Ukrainian nearshore development centers. His knowledge of business process automation has been a valuable contribution to the Dedicated Teams’ growth.


VP of HR

Natalie has more than 6 years of experience in IT recruiting and HR. Having worked at small companies and giants like EPAM Natalie has the knowledge and passion to create a working environment where innovation, merit, knowledge and enthusiasm blossom.
We Nearshore


Dozens of western companies hire software developers from Ukraine, and for a good reason — Ukrainian developers demonstrate amazing skills. After trying to outsource software developers in other countries (for instance, Southeast Asia or Africa), tech companies are happy with Ukrainian programmers, architects and managers.


Argentina is just one hour away from the US — that’s what you call nearshore! Buenos Aires has no time difference with Eastern and Central USA. Thanks to the location in a friendly time zone, your team of remote software developers will feel like they’re working uptown. Having this advantage in mind, modern-day Argentina fosters highly skilled software developers along with C-level executives and managers.

Our Skills

We speak and write in modern programming languages

Enterprise development

For over 9 years, our developers have been driving innovation at startups and Fortune 500 brands. We’ve contributed to the growth of world-class companies by providing them with custom-built teams of skillful developers specializing in Java, .NET, Scala, and Go.

Web development

Our's full-stack developers have architected dozens of speedy web applications with smooth UI and robust backend. Our full-stack web development portfolio includes scalable distributed systems built with Node.js, as well as projects that revolved around Ruby, Python, or PHP.

Mobile development

“True native” iOS apps written with Swift or Objective-C, Java-based Android apps, or cross-platform React Native applications — our developers can handle any of these! Our mobile development portfolio includes apps for content publishers, global transportation networks, delivery companies, analytics services, and even agriculture startups.

UI development

We take pride in creating elegant, smooth, and fast user interfaces that millions of people use daily. Over the past years, we’ve established numerous teams of UI developers specialising in AngularJS, ReactJS, and other modern-day front-end frameworks.

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